Equal pay for equal play – SBS Podcast

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Published on Thursday, June 20, 2019 – 21:33
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Elizabeth Broderick features in the Few Who Do – SBS Podcast, in  the “Equal pay for equal play” episode. The podcast highlights how gender inequality is rife across all sporting codes. Elizabeth Broderick speaks to the sports pay gap and the work being led by the MCC Sports GroupWith the goal to create the operating environments, systems and cultures which will make equality, pay equity and sustainable pay equality the norm rather than the exception, across all elite sport.

Sport plays a critical role in Australia’s economy, national identity, social cohesion and community well-being. Yet equal pay in sport remains out of reach for elite women athletes. From grass roots to elite level, sport has always had enormous capacity to influence Australian culture and help shape our social norms and standards of behaviour.

We want to help build a system where women can engage equally. We also want women and girls to be able to pursue their sporting dreams, knowing there are viable, valued and well-paid careers for those who have the aspiration, commitment and talent to become elite Australian athletes.

The MCC Sport Group, in February 2019, released their Pathway to Pay Equality report. The Pathway to Pay Equality report is a significant joint initiative, which details the specific actions needed to close the gender pay gap for elite athletes. It is believed to be the first time internationally that leaders of competing sporting codes and clubs have united on the issue, according to Founder and Convenor of MCC Sport Elizabeth Broderick. More details here


Featured Guests:

Melanie Tait, playwright

Elizabeth Broderick, Founder Male Champions of Change


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