Stephen Pitt


Golf Australia

Stephen joined the Male Champions of Change Sport group in 2018

Stephen Pitt joined Golf Australia in November 2008 after two and a half years as the CEO of Golf Queensland.
In his time with Golf Australia, Stephen has helped to rebuild the financial position of the organisation and strengthened Golf Australia’s engagement with key stakeholders including the State Associations, Government and media.
He has worked with the Golf Australia Board and Staff to deliver some of the finest Men’s and Women’s Australian Open Championships in the events’ long and storied histories. Golf Australia has enjoyed notable success in its high performance program and website and digital communications program and has done an enormous amount of work in game development programs for juniors, women and casual golfers.
In the past nine years Golf Australia has dramatically increased its revenue and transformed its investment into programs benefitting the game. Golf Australia continues to work with golf’s State Associations and PGA to streamline the governance of Australian Golf and to implement a unified and cohesive structure to oversee the game.