Rafael Moyano

Managing Director

Modis Australia

Rafael Moyano

Rafael Moyano is the CEO for The Adecco Group in Australia and the Managing Director of Modis Australia. Rafael is a global experienced Director with a passion for technology and talent.

As Managing Director of Modis Australia, Rafael leads a community of the world’s most outstanding minds, expertise and network of professionals across IT and Engineering. Rafael joined The Adecco Group in 2006 and since then has held several Executive leadership positions. He is an experienced business and finance leader and has added considerable value to both strategic direction and financial planning in 11 diverse countries across the region.

Rafael Moyano’s finance career began in 1997 after receiving his master’s degree in economics from the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain. Rafael later went onto IE Business School to earn an MBA before graduating in 2004. Prior to joining The Adecco Group, Rafael was a manager at Deloitte for eight years (1998 – 2006) before moving to Human Group to take on the position of Director of Corporate Finance for three years (2006 – 2009). Rafael has been the President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Japan, an association that is set up in conjunction with other Spanish business leaders to support Spanish/Japanese business relations.

Rafael is married with two children, enjoys playing soccer and tennis and has a passion for strategic excellence. Rafael brings extensive global experience to the operations at Modis Australia.