John Lydon

Managing Partner

McKinsey & Company

John Lydon Bio

John Lydon joined theFounding National Male Champions of Change group in 2014.

John joined McKinsey in 1996, has worked in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia and has been based in Australia for the past decade. In 2013, he was appointed the Managing Partner of McKinsey Australia and New Zealand.

John works as a client counselor, helping the leaders of large complex organisations understand, embrace, capture and sustain the value potential in their businesses—both improving the results and value of successful companies and building on their strengths, as well as supporting corporate restructurings and turnarounds of distressed businesses and divisions.

Throughout his career, John has led several large scale operational improvement programs, across multiple industries including banking, telecom, industrial, resources and, notably, applying Lean manufacturing to one of China’s largest state owned enterprises.

In 2009, John convinced partners in Australia to launch a pilot Implementation Unit, recruiting specialised employees (with considerable line management and implementation experience) to work intensively with clients in a flexible way, coaching client leaders until change is implemented and results achieved. This has been highly successful and is a large part of our practice in Australia and New Zealand, and was adopted globally by McKinsey in 2011. John led the establishment of this global practice, now called McKinsey Implementation, which currently has several hundred specialised consultants based in 15 countries.

John also has led our Operations Practice and is currently co-chair of the committee that evaluates McKinsey’s global partnership.