George Whyte

Managing Director Australia Pacific


George Whyte joined the Male Champions of Change in 2017.

George joined Aggreko Australia-Pacific in 1999 as a respected power generation and temperature control industry professional. His strong ties to the oil and gas, mining and utilities industries saw him excel in his role, quickly progressing from Manager of the Brisbane Depot, to Australia Pacific Temperature Control Manager. During this time he was instrumental in introducing the TC business to the region and delivering strong growth over a 5 year period. He was then promoted to Sales and Marketing Director of AusPac shortly after.
In 2010, George was appointed Area General Manager for a newly created region, Aggreko South, where he was responsible for New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.
Today, George is the Managing Director of Aggreko Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. He is committed to enhancing the customer experience whilst optimising business performance and people development through both strategic planning and tactical execution.
As a key member of the AusPac Executive team since 2003, George has seen Aggreko navigate through market cycles and has been key to driving the implementation of many new initiatives.