Ariel Cantos

Former CEO

Philam Life

Ariel Cantos

After graduating from the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in AB Economics, Honors Program, Ariel Cantos was hired by Philam Life where he spent practically his entire professional career.

Through the years, Ariel Cantos rose from the ranks and was given various managerial and executive roles. He was Chief Agency Officer responsible for the sales of over 10,000 financial advisors. He was appointed President and CEO of BPI Philam, now the largest bancassurance company in the country. Then appointed Country Head of the Philam Group and President and CEO of Philam Life. He was also Chairman of the Philam Foundation.

Ariel Cantos served also  as the  President of the Philippine Life Insurance Association and the Chairman of the Asean Insurance Council.

In his  3 year term as Philam Life CEO, the company won  the “Best Company to work for in Asia Award” , during his 2nd and 3rd years.

He decided to retire early in 2019 to spend more quality time with his family and pursue his personal advocacies.