Catalyst is the leading nonprofit organisation with a mission to expand opportunities for women and business. Catalyst is dedicated to creating more inclusive workplaces where employees representing every dimension of diversity can thrive. 

The organisation acts as a catalyst through pioneering research, providing tools and services, holding events, and giving Awards. Together, their offerings raise awareness of how diversity benefits today’s global businesses, and provide guidance on how to enact real change. 

Catalyst resources

Catalyst offers a wealth of information on their website, in the Knowledge Center.

 Through the Catalyst website, you can also access Felice which is the Catalyst Information Center Catalog—proudly named for its founder, Felice N. Schwartz. It is the premier reference for abstracts, citations, and where available, links to full text on issues relating to women and work. This free catalog contains more than 7,000 recordsand is continuously updated with new resources from distinguished publications around the world.

 Catalyst houses four research centres through which you can access detailed information on the following areas:

  • Corporate Practice: The Catalyst Research Center for Corporate Practice conducts research distinguishing sound talent management strategies from programmatic fads and documents best practices.
  • Equity in Business Leadership: The Catalyst Research Center for Equity in Business Leadership examines and documents workforce demographics and their impact on employees, companies, communities, and society.
  • Advancing Leader Effectiveness: The Catalyst Research Center for Advancing Leader Effectiveness explores a central challenge facing today’s business leaders: how to leverage employee diversity to achieve success through inclusive decision-making and talent management. The Center’s research examines the nature, impact, and practice of inclusive leadership.
  • Career Pathways: The Catalyst Research Center for Career Pathways exposes root causes of gender gaps from the classroom to the boardroom, conducting research that sorts myth from fact, identifies the true problems that hold women and other underrepresented groups back from advancement, and provides a solid basis for more effective talent development.