About the Male Champions of Change


Male Champions of Change (MCC) Institute works with influential leaders to redefine men’s role in taking action on gender inequality. It activates peer groups of influential male leaders, supports them to step up beside women, and drives the adoption of actions across private sector and government. 

The first MCC peer group, the Founding Group, began in 2010 with 8 Australian leaders and has since grown to a group of 30 CEOs, Board Directors, Government Department, University and Military leaders. New groups are forming across different organisations, sectors and geographies. 

The MCC coalition now encompasses fifteen groups, amounting to more than 230 leaders across Australia.

The heart of The Male Champions of Change strategy involves men of power and influence forming a high profile coalition to achieve change on gender equality issues in organisations and communities.

We take the following approach to get moving, get momentum and accelerate our impact.

  • Meet at least four times a year as a group. As this is a leadership strategy, no delegates are accepted.
  • Agree on a shared purpose, clear priorities and publicly commit to using our individual and collective leadership and resources to advance gender equity.
  • Establish a support team that works with us to ensure we deliver on our individual and shared commitments.
  • Share our experiences, data and reflect on our own leadership.
  • Listen widely and develop personal insights into the issues and opportunities for improvement.
  • Work together to identify and implement progressive, high impact actions that disrupt the status quo and create meaningful and lasting change.
  • Lead with action and advocacy, working within and across our organisations and collectively at a community level.
  • Hold ourselves accountable, evaluating and sharing our experiences and results widely. We encourage our peers and teams to participate in the strategy.

The approach is simple, practical and adaptable – but it does require commitment. 


Male Champions genuinely want to lead meaningful action that achieves change