A message from Elizabeth Broderick

In most nations, men largely occupy the seats of power. Relying exclusively on women to lead change on gender equality is therefore illogical. We need decent, powerful men to step up beside women to create a more gender equal world.

The Male Champions of Change strategy is about male leaders advocating for and acting to advance gender equality.

As one of the Male Champions of Change said: “Let’s not pretend that there aren’t already established norms that advantage men. Men invented the system. Men largely run the system. Men need to change the system.”

Through the Male Champions of Change strategy decent, powerful men work together to understand gender equality issues and lead action to accelerate progress.

They step up beside women and work collectively to disrupt the status quo.

We are heartened by the many leaders from across the world who – inspired by this concept – are replicating the strategy. We welcome your commitment and offer our experience and resources to assist you.

We know that no two Male Champions of Change groups will be the same. Differing social, cultural and regulatory contexts will make customisation of the strategy critical.

By sharing our approach, we hope to encourage the formation of many more Male Champions of Change groups to support this extraordinary opportunity for inspiring and collective leadership.

Together we can help create unstoppable momentum for a gender equal world.


Elizabeth Broderick
Former Australian Sex Discrimination Commissioner
Founder of the Male Champions of Change

About Elizabeth Broderick

Elizabeth has brought together captains of industry, governments and Defence Force chiefs to address gender inequality in Australia and beyond.
As Australia’s longest serving Sex Discrimination Commissioner (2007-2015), Elizabeth worked tirelessly to break down structural and social barriers faced by women and men, and to promote gender equality.
A key advocate for Australia’s paid parental leave scheme, Elizabeth influenced changes to regulations to increase the numbers of women at decision-making level, and to elevate the voices of women in marginalised communities.
She also established and convenes the globally recognised ‘Male Champions of Change’ strategy, enlisting a ‘who’s who’ of powerful male leaders to tackle workplace gender inequality. She is a powerful and influential voice in the struggle for gender equality, enlisting both women and men as agents of change.
Her review into the treatment of women in the Australian Defence Force led to sweeping cultural reforms. In 2016 Elizabeth was Senior Adviser to the Australian Federal Police Commissioner on cultural change and assisted with implementing a significant cultural change project across the organisation.
She is currently working with The University of Sydney and some Residential Colleges to examine the existing culture of those Colleges and James Cook University on phase two of a project to examine the sexual harassment policies and cultural environment in which the policies are implemented.
Elizabeth is Special Advisor to the Executive Director of UN Women in New York, Global Co-Chair of UN Global Compact’s Women’s Empowerment Principles and a member of the International Services for Human Rights and Australian Rugby Union Boards.
In 2016 Elizabeth was appointed an Officer of the Order of Australia and was named 2016 NSW Australian of the Year. She holds Honorary Doctorates of Law from the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, University of Technology Sydney and Deakin University.